AJ Southwest menu of services

  • All Natural General Pest Control

  • Commercial Pest Control 

  • Annual Fire Ant Control and Termite Warranty

  • Termite Pre-treatment for New Construction

  • Termite Treatment for Active Termites

  • Mosquito Control

  • Flea and Tick Services

  • Bed Bugs

  • Rodent Control

  • Fertilization and Weed Control

  • Ornamental Plant Services

  • Grub Control

Detailed Service Descriptions

  • All Natural General Pest Control:  The initial service begins with a thorough inspection of the house. AJ Southwest provides some or all of the following services inside the house, depending upon your current needs. Our technician may dust the attic, entries, exits, and plumbing voids;  spray certain areas; or bait for various pests. The perimeter of the house will be power sprayed along the foundation and to a distance of five to ten feet away from the foundation. Weep holes will be dusted and wasp nests removed or treated at your request.

Future quarterly trips consist of a power spray along the perimeter of the house and to a distance of five to ten feet away from the foundation, dusting of the weep holes and inspection for termites and other pests. If at any time you experience a problem with any of the *covered pests, our technician will return to your home or business and re-treat inside at no additional charge. Rodents are a *covered pest, but if needed, bait stations are placed for an additional one-time charge.

 *Covered Pests: The following pests are covered inside the house:, Crickets, Earwigs, Centipedes, Sugar Ants, Household Ants, Fire Ants, Silverfish, Water Bugs, Spiders, Scorpions, and Rodents (rats and mice).

**Wasps and other flying insects are not covered as part of our general pest control service. AJ Southwest technicians will remove wasp nests that we can easily reach and treat wasps around the eaves of the house as a courtesy when we are performing normal general pest control.  But, AJ Southwest does not  offer retreat service for any flying insects.  Our Technicians will offer recommendations and support for deterring other flying insects.

  • Annual Fire Ant Control and Termite Warranty:  AJ Southwest provides a preventative treatment for fire ants over the entire landscape. We provide unlimited retreat service for fire ants in the landscape during the annual warranty period. Annual fire ant control service provides a one year warranty for fire ants in the landscape. An initial fire ant treatment will be provided. Future treatments will be provided as necessary and at the request of the customer through the one year anniversary date of the initial treatment date. No previous or future damage to property or person by fire ants will be covered under this service. A J Southwest will provide the labor and materials to treat fire ants only.

  • Mosquito Control: Are mosquitoes preventing you from enjoying outdoor activities? AJ Southwest can help keep mosquitoes from spoiling your backyard parties with our all-natural mosquito control. Mosquito control is provided with a fogging and/or spray application of Essentria IC3. This product is completely all-natural. More information can be found at Go to “products” and Essentria IC3 Insecticide Concentrate.’

    Although our application provides NO WARRANTY, you can expect two to four weeks of control.

  • Termite Control and Warranty: A J Southwest can meet any need when it comes to eliminating termites. AJ Southwest will assume existing warranties, offer preventative treatments, inspections, and take care of active termites.

    Annual termite warranty service provides a one year warranty for termites on any wooden structure on the property. Any termites discovered during the one year period will be treated at no charge to the customer. The one year warranty period will begin on the warranty start date and end on the one year anniversary of that start date. The warranty start date is the date the contract is signed or the date of the Service Invoice, whichever is executed first. No previous or future damage to property or person by termites will be covered under this service. A J Southwest will provide the labor and materials to treat termites only.

  • Flea and Tick Services: To treat for fleas in the landscape we use  All-Natural Essentria IC3. This service can be done as needed, but for chronic or continuous problems, treatment should be done monthly. Our outside flea service has no warranty, but Essentria IC3 has been found to offer superior control with very little chance the fleas can build an immunity to it.

    When treating the inside of your home a treatment with All-Natural Essentria IC3, Precor concentrate and ExciteR will be broadcast over all of your flooring. AllNatural Essentria Broadcast will be used on your mattresses, furniture, and cloth household goods. Essentria Broadcast will not stain and is highly effective as a contact kill for both fleas and bed bugs.

    AJ Southwest highly recommends treating your pets for fleas at the same time as our service.  AJ Southwest guarantees inside flea treatment for 30 days and we will provide a followup inspection service 10 to 20 days after the initial service at no extra charge.

  • Bed Bugs:  AJ Southwest understands how invasive and difficult it can be to get rid of bed bugs. Our goal is to help you through the process with as little disruption as possible and still rid your home of these pests. Our technician will explain the treatment process thoroughly so you understand the details that allow us to control Bed Bugs. Every home is different and we create a custom bed bug treatment plan specific to your situation; however, there are a few tasks you should be prepared to do and a few decisions you will have to make before the treatment can begin.

  • Rodent Control:  AJ Southwest is your solution to rodents and other animals that want to take up residence in your home. Rats and mice tend to be nocturnal creatures, which means they actively forage for food at night and sleep during the day. Squirrels are diurnal, the opposite of rodents. They sleep at night and look for food in the daytime. Both of these critters love to make nests in attics during the winter when it is cold. If you’re hearing noises at night, it is most likely rodents. If you’re hearing noises in the early morning, it is quite possibly squirrels.

    Mice and rat removal.  AJ Southwest methods for removing these two animals are very different from poisons. eradicate these pests, we bait and/or use traps or sticky pads.  Mice and rats have poor eyesight but a great sense of smell. Rodents are greasy and rub against walls to leave their scent, allowing them to find their way back to their nest. They also leave urine trails as markings for their territory. Mice and rats can carry disease and bacteria as well as fleas, and they will chew through electrical wires to sharpen their teeth. Luckily, they will not venture far from their nest, so baiting will get rid of them quickly. It is very important not to delay treating for rats or mice in your home or business.

    Squirrel removal. Unlike mice and rats, which can cause damage and spread disease, squirrels are more of a nuisance. They chew through wood soffits or squeeze through openings on the roof to get into the attic. It’s illegal to kill the “grey tail” squirrel, the kind that lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Squirrels either have to be trapped and removed, or spooked from the premises. Trapping is the most successful way to rid your house of squirrels. Once trapped, we take them to a park or rural area at least 5 to 10 miles from your house. Otherwise, they could make it back to your home.

  • Fertilization and Weed Control: The fertilization service consists of Organic Fertilizer and Microbial Stimulant applied to grass, plants, and bedding areas. AJ Southwest’s weed control products are made by Bayer. These products have no impact on children, pets, or beneficial insects, but are extremely effective. The amount and type of pre-emergent and post emergent products used during any service trip depend on the month of each service and the type of landscape being serviced.

  • Ornamental Services:  

    February Treatment: Drench and/or deep root all target plant root zones with organic fertilizer and systemic pest control. Dry Meal fertilization to all bedding areas. Target Plants: Roses, Boxwood, Junipers, Cedar, Pyracathra, Magnolia, and Crape Myrtle

    Late April or Early May Treatment: Foliar spray all bedding plants and understory trees with organic liquid fertilizer, microbial stimulant, and a pest control product to control chewing insects (Bagworms, Webworms, Caterpillars, etc.). Dry Meal fertilization to all bedding areas.

    Ornamental Service Description: Our ornamental service will target the following pests on your target plants: Aphids, scale, spider mites, caterpillars, cut worms, bag worms, and web worms.

    We can not guarantee your landscape will be free from fungus or pests, nor can we guarantee you will have no damage occur to your plants due to stress, drought, disease, or pests. We do guarantee that if the pests listed above or fungal problems occur despite our best efforts, we will treat them at no additional cost during the calendar year of the original service.

  • Grub Control:  AJ Southwest grub control treatment uses Acelepryn. This application can be done anytime grubs are found in a landscape, but works the quickest when done in April, May, or June. Acelepryn only targets the grubs in your yard and not beneficial insects. This product also helps control bag worms, cut worms, army worms, and termites. By controlling grub activity raccoons and armadillos are naturally repelled away from your landscape. One of the best attributes of Acelepryn is that it has no negative affect on people, pets, fish, etc. But the best attribute is that it really does control grubs.